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BMW 4 Cyl.
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BMW 8 Cyl.
Cadillac Northstar
Chevy/GM 4 Cyl.
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Chrysler 4 Cyl.
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Dodge 4 Cyl.
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Ford/Mazda 4 Cyl.
Ford/Mazda 6 Cyl.
Ford 8 Cyl.
Turbo Diesel Truck v8 Kit
Honda/Acura 4 Cyl.
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Hyundai/Kia 4 Cyl.
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Jaguar 4 Cyl.
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Toyota / Lexus 4 Cyl.
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Toyota / Lexus 8 Cyl.
Mitsubishi 4 Cyl.
Mitsubishi 6 Cyl.
Mercedes 4 Cyl.
Mercedes 6 Cyl.
Mercedes 8 Cyl.
Nissan/Infinity 4 Cyl.
Nissan/Infinity 6 Cyl.
Porsche 4 & 6 Cyl.
Subaru 6 Cyl.
Volvo 4 Cyl.
Volvo 6 Cyl.
V.W. 4 Cyl.
Semi-Truck Diesel Kit
Tractor / Loader
Universal Kits
Subaru 4 Cyl.
Saturn 4 Cyl.
Saturn 4 Cyl.
Chevy/Buick 4 Cyl.
Chevy/Buick 6 Cyl.
Audi 6 Cyl.
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ON SALE NOW: $109.99 +S/H
Leaking coolant from your radiator, heater-core or engine block?
This is a non-clogging, leave-in sealer that works fast, lasts up to 4 years (32oz.).
Just pour-n-go, leave-in formula!
Not for head gasket leaks due to
curing temperature difference...
ON SALE NOW: $59.99 +S/H
Idle engine for 20 minutes then turn off and let cool for 20 minutes, repeat this run-cycle three times. Next, drive vehicle for 20 minutes with sealer in system. Then, drain Dura-Seal® out, (it's not required to flush Dura-Seal out, just drain), later refill with coolant and Dura-Seal® Liquid-Ice. First-time applications have a 98% success rate. Only 2% require a second *free application, (*which is covered under warranty). Typical repair-life is 5 years.
Over the past 18 years, Dura-Seal® has helped over half a million customers world-wide and has become the leader in automotive head gasket sealer manufacturering by offering the most advanced sealer products you can buy...

® is more advanced than other head gasket repair sealers. Our Head Gasket Repair Sealer stays flexible when cured so it expands and contracts with today's aluminum engines and lasts up to 5 years. We have a *Money Back Guarantee and provide you with a Free Replacement Warranty on all Head Gasket Repair Sealers and Oil Stop Leaks if you need more sealer to then typical to achieve a full-seal, (*certain conditions like S/H may apply, see Terms). So if you don't get a full seal, call us and we'll send you another free application to get you to the finish line...
Drain coolant system and run clean water through entire system. This will remove most contaminates. If you've used a water glass/silicate based sealer prior to using Dura-Seal®, you will need to purchase our "Water-glass Flush Agent" before using our sealer.

It's not required to remove the thermostat as our sealer cannot cure or clog that area, but, if left-in, it will slow the process by restricting flow. Next, pour the Dura-Seal, and Extreme Powder Pack into the radiator, (no radiator cap?) disconnect upper radiator hose from engine and pour sealers into hose (they will flow to radiator). Fill system with water.
Leaking coolant from your Intake Manifold?
4, 6, & 8 Cyl. engines. Used safely on aluminum, steel, or plastic intakes...
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Frequent Questions & Answers

Question: Does Dura-Seal® really work?
Answer: YES! Dura-Seal® sealers really work. Dura-Seal® has been a leader in the automotive sealant industry since 1998. We have repaired over 1/2 million vehicles world-wide and have been rated the #1 head gasket repair sealer by over 50 thousand certified mechanics here in the United States for the last 2 years...

Question: So, what's the big difference between Dura-Seal® and all the other brands like; Barz, Thermogaskt, Steal Seel, K-n-W, Bluu Devil and auto-store brands?
Answer: Dura-Seal® is better because we don't use water-glass (sodium Silicate) as a main ingredient! Water-glass actually turns to glass when cured in your engine and simply cracks away from aluminum cylinder heads and blocks. Dura-Seal® doesn't crack away. Our formulas are actually custom mixed for your particular engine's temperature the day your order it so it's fresh and strong when you go to use it. And because it's formulated for your individual engine's temperature at the head area, it won't cure in other areas like radiators or heater cores. It's a better more chemically advanced product for todays vehicles.

Question: O.K., Dura-Seal® doesn't use water-glass and is supposed to be the only non-water glass, custom-formulated sealer available. But I've talked to a company called Thremogazket (name altered for legal reasons), they say they don't use water-glass either, what gives?
Answer: If your like us here at Dura-Seal® and manufacture the #1 rated non-water glass, custom formulated head gasket sealer in the USA, other companies just want to be like you. But the truth is they can't be like us, Dura-Seal® holds the only patent on a non-water glass formula! That simple fact along with our custom formula approach makes us better then any other sealer manufacturer. It's simply no secret, you cannot buy a better head gasket sealer then a Dura-Seal® head gasket sealer.

Question: The people at Thremogazket (name altered for legal reasons), say I must purchase a special "vent-kit" from them and actually cut my radiator hose in half to install it. Do I have to do this if I buy the Dura-Seal® sealer?
Answer: Thremogazket does this because they know that water-glass hardens and cracks off allowing exhaust gasses to get back into the coolant and pressurize the system. So their vent is designed to allow the pressure to escape. Think about that. The way they figure it is, you'll never know their sealer cracked-off because the vent will let the pressure escape before you ever notice. Mean while, your head gasket gets worse and worse.

Well here's the million dollar question, if that company is selling you a sealer that is supposed to stop exhaust gasses from getting into your coolant system, why, would you need their vent-kit? Think about that. It's ridiculous.

And NO, you do not need any vent-kit with our Dura-Seal
® head gasket sealer kit because, we do not use silicates in our formula, so our sealer stays flexible and won't crack-off in the first place.

Question: What's in Dura-Seal® and what does it do?
Answer: Dura-Seal® combines the best chemicals, organic and inorganic compounds at trade-secret amounts to produce a product which has the strength of steel yet maintains the flexibility of polyglycol polymers and offers the hard-as-diamond durability of hectorite mineral with the flexibility of organic fillers. Once added to the coolant system it travels to the head gasket area where it bonds with the cracked gasket and cures in place, creating a new gasket-area which seals the leak.

Question: Can Dura-Seal® damage my engine?
Answer: Dura-Seal® sealers do not contain "water-glass" or "silicates" like the other brands so, our Dura-Seal® cannot hurt you engine or void your vehicles warranty. The ingredients in our products or formulated to work through the cooling system, not cure there or plug them up like other brands out there.

Question: What does "Custom-Formulated mean and why is that important to me?
Answer: Dura-Seal® sealers are custom-formulated meaning, when you place your order, we actually pull the spec's on your engine's running temperature and compression levels. Next, our employees in our manufacturing facility actually formulate your head gasket sealer to cure at your engine's individual running temperature. Other brands simply pull a bottle off a self and send it to you. Good luck with that. We here at Dura-Seal® actually take the time time custom make your sealer for your engine. So you get the best sealer for the job when you use Dura-Seal®.

Question: What is Dura-Seal's success rate?
Answer: Dura-Seal® has the highest success rate in the industry at 98% on the first application. Only about 2% of our customers require a second stronger treatment (which is covered under your warranty and free to you, just pay s/h), to achieve a full-seal. So, don't worry we have you covered...

Question: What if I need help or have a question?
Answer: Dura-Seal® is the only manufacture and retailer on the web or store-shelf to offer you a Help Desk staffed by real automotive mechanics. We are ready to talk you through the repair process anytime; Mon. - Fri. 9:00am to 5:00pm. Eastern Standard Time. Just call 706-400-0897. Don't belive this is really possible? Go ahead and try us right know... (After hours, simply email us or leave a phone message, we will return your call next business day).

Question: I've read that Blu_e Devel, ThermaaGaskit, IroinTiet, Barz, Steal Seel and all other brands use Sodium Silicate, (water-glass), is that the stuff that turns to glass?
Answer: That's right, Sodium Silicate, (water-glass) turns to glass when cured! Glass can't expand or contract, so it simply cracks away from the area it's trying to repair. Also, water-glass IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ANTIFREEZE. That's two reasons Dura-Seal® does not use Sodium Silicate as our main ingredient. That means our sealer actually stays flexible once cured and can last for years...

(Legal Notice: Other brand names listed herein are factious and not related to any company, manufacturer, and/or corporation know past or present:)

dura seal head gasket reapir
Sales & Tech Dept: 706-400-0897
Customer Service: 706-400-0067
Available: Mon- Fri. 9am to 5pm EST.
Order online 24/7
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We Formulate & Custom-Mix Your Sealer The Same Day You Order It - Typical Repair Life Up To Five Years - Fast & Easy Repairs
No need to flush after use! Hi-Strength Transmission Stop-Leak is 45% stronger than store-brands! No-clog,
easy pour-n-go formula...
8oz. Bottle for use in transmissions with any type of severe leaks.
codes! Turn-off trouble lights... This a great tool to own. Every toolbox should have one! Simple to use. Just plug-in and read your engine codes.
ON SALE: $69.99 (ships FREE)
OBDII & CAN ready,
works with all 1996
and newer vehicles.
Read & erase any

One application lasts for years! Easy to use, just pour-n-go. Starts working ASAP and totally quiets things down in about 125 miles of normal driving...
ON SALE: $59.99 + 2-3 Day S/H
Quiet's noisy lifters fast & easy! Stops noise other brands can't touch.

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On Sale: $52.99 + 2-3 Day S/H
If oil in the water or water glass sealer in system. Be sure to use this first!!!
ON SALE: $19.99 + 2-3 Day S/H
Concentrated 16oz. bottle...
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4 Cylinder
Works with all synthetic oil, conventional and diesel oils! This Hi-Strength Oil Stop Leak stops leaks other sealers can't even slow down...
On Sale: $62.99 + 2-3 Day S/H
Works with all synthetic oil, conventional and diesel oils! This Hi-Strength Oil Stop Leak stops leaks other sealers can't even slow down...
On Sale: $72.99 + 2-3 Day S/H
Works with all synthetic oil, conventional and diesel oils! This Hi-Strength Oil Stop Leak stops leaks other sealers can't even slow down...
Buy Now
Buy Now
8oz. Bottle may vary from picture.
8oz. Bottle may vary from picture.
8oz. Bottle may vary from picture.
On Sale: $39.99 + 2-3 Day S/H
If your transmission causes your car to jerk forward and back during take-off of slow down, our Shutter-Stop is the fast & easy answer...
8oz. Bottle! Stops gear jump or kick and shuttering...
Just add and go...
On Sale: $39.99 + 2-3 Day S/H
Will also repair any slow gear shifts or gear-fade during take off or slow down. Lasts up to 2 years. No-clogging formula.
Easy pour-n-go...
8oz. Bottle! Will restore gears; "reverse", "first", "overdrive".

On Sale: $39.99 + 2-3 Day S/H
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If you have used any other sealer before DuraSeal be sure to flush the water-glass out of the system first!
Non-Thickening! Will
causes seals to expand
to their original size.
6 Cylinder
8 Cylinder
Non-Thickening! Will
causes seals to expand
to their original size.
Non-Thickening! Will
causes seals to expand
to their original size.