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BMW 4 Cyl.
BMW 6 Cyl.
BMW 8 Cyl.
Cadillac Northstar
Chevy/GM 4 Cyl.
Chevy/GM 6 Cyl.
Chevy/GM 8 Cyl.
Chrysler 4 Cyl.
Chrysler 6 Cyl.
Dodge 4 Cyl.
Dodge 6 Cyl.
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Ford/Mazda 4 Cyl.
Ford/Mazda 6 Cyl.
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Turbo Diesel Truck v8 Kit
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Toyota / Lexus 6 Cyl.
Toyota / Lexus 8 Cyl.
Mitsubishi 4 Cyl.
Mitsubishi 6 Cyl.
Mercedes 4 Cyl.
Mercedes 6 Cyl.
Mercedes 8 Cyl.
Nissan/Infinity 4 Cyl.
Nissan/Infinity 6 Cyl.
Porsche 4 & 6 Cyl.
Subaru 6 Cyl.
Volvo 4 Cyl.
Volvo 6 Cyl.
V.W. 4 Cyl.
Semi-Truck Diesel Kit
Tractor / Loader
Universal Kits
Subaru 4 Cyl.
Saturn 4 Cyl.
Saturn 4 Cyl.
Chevy/Buick 4 Cyl.
Chevy/Buick 6 Cyl.
Audi 6 Cyl.
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No need to flush after use! Hi-Strength Transmission Stop-Leak is 45% stronger than store-brands! No-clog,
easy pour-n-go formula...
8oz. Bottle for use in transmissions with any type of severe leaks.
codes! Turn-off trouble lights... This a great tool to own. Every toolbox should have one! Simple to use. Just plug-in and read your engine codes.
ON SALE: $69.99 (ships FREE)
OBDII & CAN ready,
works with all 1996
and newer vehicles.
Read & erase any

One application lasts for years! Easy to use, just pour-n-go. Starts working ASAP and totally quiets things down in about 125 miles of normal driving...
ON SALE: $59.99 + 2-3 Day S/H
Quiet's noisy lifters fast & easy! Stops noise other brands can't touch.

Buy Now
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On Sale: $52.99 + 2-3 Day S/H
If oil in the water or water glass sealer in system. Be sure to use this first!!!
ON SALE: $19.99 + 2-3 Day S/H
Concentrated 16oz. bottle...
Buy Now
4 Cylinder
Works with all synthetic oil, conventional and diesel oils! This Hi-Strength Oil Stop Leak stops leaks other sealers can't even slow down...
On Sale: $62.99 + 2-3 Day S/H
Works with all synthetic oil, conventional and diesel oils! This Hi-Strength Oil Stop Leak stops leaks other sealers can't even slow down...
On Sale: $72.99 + 2-3 Day S/H
Works with all synthetic oil, conventional and diesel oils! This Hi-Strength Oil Stop Leak stops leaks other sealers can't even slow down...
Buy Now
Buy Now
8oz. Bottle may vary from picture.
8oz. Bottle may vary from picture.
8oz. Bottle may vary from picture.
On Sale: $39.99 + 2-3 Day S/H
If your transmission causes your car to jerk forward and back during take-off of slow down, our Shutter-Stop is the fast & easy answer...
8oz. Bottle! Stops gear jump or kick and shuttering...
Just add and go...
On Sale: $39.99 + 2-3 Day S/H
Will also repair any slow gear shifts or gear-fade during take off or slow down. Lasts up to 2 years. No-clogging formula.
Easy pour-n-go...
8oz. Bottle! Will restore gears; "reverse", "first", "overdrive".

On Sale: $39.99 + 2-3 Day S/H
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Buy Now
If you have used any other sealer before DuraSeal be sure to flush the water-glass out of the system first!
Non-Thickening! Will
causes seals to expand
to their original size.
6 Cylinder
8 Cylinder
Non-Thickening! Will
causes seals to expand
to their original size.
Non-Thickening! Will
causes seals to expand
to their original size.
ON SALE NOW: $109.99 +S/H
Leaking coolant from your radiator, heater-core or engine block?
This is a non-clogging, leave-in sealer that works fast, lasts up to 4 years (32oz.).
Just pour-n-go, leave-in formula!
Not for head gasket leaks due to
curing temperature difference...
ON SALE NOW: $59.99 +S/H
Idle engine for 20 minutes then turn off and let cool for 20 minutes, repeat this run-cycle three times. Next, drive vehicle for 20 minutes with sealer in system. Then, drain Dura-Seal® out, (it's not required to flush Dura-Seal out, just drain), later refill with coolant and Dura-Seal® Liquid-Ice. First-time applications have a 98% success rate. Only 2% require a second *free application, (*which is covered under warranty). Typical repair-life is 5 years.
Over the past 18 years, Dura-Seal® has helped over half a million customers world-wide and has become the leader in automotive head gasket sealer manufacturering by offering the most advanced sealer products you can buy...

® is more advanced than other head gasket repair sealers. Our Head Gasket Repair Sealer stays flexible when cured so it expands and contracts with today's aluminum engines and lasts up to 5 years. We have a *Money Back Guarantee and provide you with a Free Replacement Warranty on all Head Gasket Repair Sealers and Oil Stop Leaks if you need more sealer to then typical to achieve a full-seal, (*certain conditions like S/H may apply, see Terms). So if you don't get a full seal, call us and we'll send you another free application to get you to the finish line...
Drain coolant system and run clean water through entire system. This will remove most contaminates. If you've used a water glass/silicate based sealer prior to using Dura-Seal®, you will need to purchase our "Water-glass Flush Agent" before using our sealer.

It's not required to remove the thermostat as our sealer cannot cure or clog that area, but, if left-in, it will slow the process by restricting flow. Next, pour the Dura-Seal, and Extreme Powder Pack into the radiator, (no radiator cap?) disconnect upper radiator hose from engine and pour sealers into hose (they will flow to radiator). Fill system with water.
Leaking coolant from your Intake Manifold?
4, 6, & 8 Cyl. engines. Used safely on aluminum, steel, or plastic intakes...
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About Us: Dura-Seal®

Dura-Seal® Corporation was founded in 2001 in Northeast Georgia. While retaining corporate offices in Georgia, we now have manufacturing and shipping facilities in South Florida. Our CEO began Dura-Seal® Corporation as an automotive sealant manufacture and distributor exclusive to the Internet market. Today, Dura-Seal® Corporation has become a strong leader in the automotive sealant industry and continues to excel in automotive chemical additive development and marketing. After over 24 months of extensive chemical analysis and development, Dura-Seal® unveiled the Dura-Seal® line of automotive sealers in 2003. Dura-Seal® Corporation is not simply a distributor of Dura-Seal® products, we actually developed and continue to manufacture our complete line of automotive coolant sealer products in our own facilities. This includes chemical mapping and testing of all our products. From inception to end user, Dura-Seal® is involved in every step. Each formula has been designed for a specific application based on the varying operating temperatures of the automotive engine environments they were designed to work within.

Dura-Seal® and all of our employees have always worked hard to supply you, our valued customers with high quality automotive additives you can trust. Dura-Seal® Corporation has become an industry leader in automotive sealants and has distributed Dura-Seal® to over 15 countries world-wide but we're not done yet. Dura-Seal® is soon to release a complete line of automotive fuel, transmission and engine liquid-repair products and additives.

Update: As of 7/2008, Dura-Seal® has introduced the eagerly awaited line of automotive fuel injector cleaner and coolant system flushing products to the world-wide market. These products have undergone many months of testing and development and have earned the Dura-Seal® mark.

Update: As of 3/2009, Dura-Seal® has introduced it's premier line of automotive engine oil stop-leaks. These oil stop-leaks are truly amazing it that they do not thicken engine oil like other currently available brands. Instead the Dura-Seal® engine oil stop-leak actually causes the oil seals and gaskets to expand back to their original size, thus stopping the oil leak.

Update: As of 8/2012, Dura-Seal® has introduced the eagerly awaited line of premiere automotive detailing waxes and protectant products to the world-wide market. These products are superior to any existing brand and have earned the Dura-Seal® mark of excellence.

dura seal head gasket reapir
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